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Pumice Stone Brush for Feet & Foot Brush with Handle 2-in-1


Pedicure Scrubber for Shower. Double-Sided Pumice Foot File with Brush for Callus

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  • Material:Wooden
  • Color:Wood
  • Item Dimensions:9.3 x 2.2 x 2 inches

Universal Pedicure Scrubber

Pumice Valley brings you a versatile pedicure scrubber that allows you to get rid of most foot skin problems at home without going to expensive manicure salons.
The foot scrub brush will help you effectively clean dirt and dead skin from your feet, toes and nails, while the natural coarse lava pumice stone is ideal for exfoliating your feet and hands, removing calluses, warts, hard and cracked skin so that it is fresh and rested again.

Durable and Natural

Natural coarse lava pumice stone
Sturdy nylon bristles for optimal firmness
The wooden handle design makes it easy to clean the body with the shower brush
Long-wearing and easy care

Quality Control

All products undergo strict quality control and exhaustive testing

How to use

Soak your feet or hand skin in warm water. Better use in a shower / bath or after showering. Gently rub your feet, heels, or palms with the foot pumice in a circular motion.Rinse your feet or another body part with cool water and wash the scrubber.Use the nylon brush before and after the procedure to clean the skin from dirt and dead skin. Apply a soothing lotion or cream on your feet or another body part for the best result.


For hygienic purposes, do not share previously used pumis stones or brushes with others. Do not use on delicate, inflamed skin, or open wounds. It is optimal to conduct exfoliation at home 3-6 times a month.

Care instructions

After use, thoroughly rinse the pumice stone with soap and water. Allow it to dry to avoid bacterial growth. Replace your pummus stone if it’s showing signs of wear and tear. With freshly exfoliated skin like after a nail salon, you’ll never have to hide your feet again.

My feet are thanking me

I have struggled with hard calluses on my heels for a very long time.. maybe it’s the nature of my work of being on my feet a ton as well poor fitting shoes but the pain and the ugliness were real. Yesterday I decided to give this a go because I have no time to get a pedicure. I soaked for 10 minutes in hot/warm water and then went to work. I did the scrub and brush three times changing out the water and added some bath salts. My feet are feeling so smooth and great!! I look forward to regularly using this for my feet. The handle was sturdy and the stone was effective.


Nice brush

I bought this brush for my feet. The bristles are soft. I do not care for the thick rope loop. A softer twine would be better


The Pumice Valley brand is a symbol of a healthy lifestyle and self-respect, as well as respect for the environment

Pumice Stone Brush for Feet & Foot Brush with Handle 2-in-1


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