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Wooden Pedicure Feet Scrubber with Brush

$12.99 $9.97

Pumice Valley Presents a Natural Foot Scrubber with Brush Wooden Handle and Hanging Rope

The wooden foot scraper with a brush is covered with high-grade Japanese sandpaper ideal for scrubbing body skin. A professional pedicure tool to buff away your feet, nails, heels, or toes and remove calluses, cracked, or hard skin in the most natural way.

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  • Material:Wood Nylon Bristle
  • Color:Brown
  • Item Dimensions:10.51 x 2.36 x 1.26 inches

Pumice Foot Scrubber is an Effective Tool

for rejuvenating and cleansing the skin of the feet, hands, elbows, and heels, as well as removing calluses and corns, or hard, cracked, and dead skin

Eco-Friendly Wooden Foot File

has an ergonomic handle for a comfortable hold and natural hanging rope for easy storage; The heel scraper will easily buff away your feet and toes for the perfect look

The Double-Sided Foot Scraper

is covered with high-grade Japanese sandpaper (Coarse & Fine grit), making it ideal for scrubbing and polishing both hard and soft body skin

How to Use the Foot File

  1. Soak your feet or other areas of callused skin in warm water (perfect for use in a shower)
  2. Gently rub your feet, heels, or palms with the foot scraper
  3. Rinse your feet with cool water and wash the scrubber
  4. Apply a soothing lotion

7 Reasons Why Customers Choose Pumice Valley Food Brush

  1. Durable beech wood and nylon bristles
  2. Optimal hardness
  3. Strong bristles which do not fall out easily
  4. No special maintenance required
  5. Hanging rope for easy storage
  6. Wide application from nails and feet to tile and shoes
  7. Really comfortable grip

Nice for feet and hands.

This 2-in-1 pedicure foot scrubber and nail brush is of generous size to get the job done. The nail brush is soft enough to clean under the nails without hurting. The pumice sandpaper is also of substantial size to make that foliating process easier so you will want to use more often.Overall, a good brush. Seller describes as having pumice stone, the more accurate description is that the foot scraper is a high-grade Japanese sandpaper. The size of this nail grooming tool is generous, he handle is large enough for easy and comfortable use, and the brush/pumice tool comes with a cord for hanging on a hook if desired.

KJ Hiker

Just what I needed

This is perfect for me, I use a foot peel and that takes a while for the heel to peel so after using the peel I soak my feet, brush them, let them dry completely, not applying any lotions, creams, or oil, then using the pumice side I scrub well, and this really gets the extra dead skin off. This duo sided foot brush and stone is made very well and also works great.

Honey child

Wooden bristle brush with sandpaper grip

File and feather with this 2 in 1 brush. Work the hard callus skin and heel with the sandpaper grit surface that is flat and solid, ready to shape. The bristle brush softly working to remove dirt, dust, and dead skin from the filing. Pumice Stone for Feet & Foot Brush with Handle 2-in-1 is fast and effective and a great selection for personal maintenance.

Helpful Heart

The Pumice Valley brand is a symbol of a healthy lifestyle and self-respect, as well as respect for the environment

Wooden Pedicure Feet Scrubber with Brush

$12.99 $9.97

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