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Foot Rasp Callus Remover - Pedicure Scrubber for Cracked Feet Mixed Grained

$12.99 $9.99

Foot File is a professional tool to buff away your feet, heels, or toes and remove calluses, corns, cracked, or dead skin in the most natural way.

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  • Material:Wooden Handle Stainless Steel File
  • Color:Natural wood - Natural metal
  • Item Dimensions:2.3 x 11 x 0.8 inches

- Stainless Steel Pedicure File made from stainless steel that is 100% sanitizable and washable.

- Great size for removing dead skin on rough heels, holes big and small, two-way grinder.

- Made of professional stainless steel, can be washed directly into water and dry, removing dead skin.

- The perfectly sized pedicure foot file is great to use at home. This callous file for feet can be stored in a drawer, cabinet, or hanging in your shower.

- Easily get rid of calluses and dead skin on your feet without experiencing sore forearms or having to hold your legs in an uncomfortable position for an extended period while using a foot rasp.


How to use the Foot Filer

Soak your feet in warm water (perfect for use in a shower)
Gently rub dry skin or callous
Rinse your feet with cool water and wash the feet shaver tool
Apply a soothing lotion or cream for best results


For hygienic purposes, do not share previously used foot files with others
Do not use the foot shaver on delicate, inflamed skin, or open wounds
It is optimal to conduct exfoliation at home 3-4 times a month

How to care for a Heel Scrubber

After use, rinse the foot file with soap and water
Allow it to dry
Replace the scrubber if it shows signs of wear and tear

Get Rid of Dry, Dead, Hard Skin, or Calluses in the Easiest Way in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Effective and Very Nicely Made!

I tried out this foot file, and I was seriously impressed. The thing that stood out the most was how professional and well-made it felt. The wooden handle and stainless steel file gave it a high-quality vibe. Following the instructions, I soaked my feet to get them ready. The steel file seemed pretty sharp at first, so I started off gently, like using a cheese grater. It did a solid job of removing dead skin and calluses from my heels, though my feet didn't end up as smooth as I'd hoped. I had to finish up with a pumice stone for that. Still, it's a handy tool, especially for tackling tough calluses. This callus remover is well-crafted and holds up well. After a relaxing foot soak, it worked like a charm. The wooden handle was comfy. It felt pretty durable, and I think it'll last for a long time, which is a plus for my foot care routine. In a nutshell, this foot file is a pro-grade tool that's great for tackling calluses and dead skin, especially if you finish off with a pumice stone for that extra smoothness. It's well-made and holds up well after a foot soak, so it's a reliable part of my foot care routine. It's super effective on calluses when used right and adds a touch of luxury to your foot care routine.


Looks can be deceiving

My first impression of this foot file was oh my goodness this thing is huge and looks like a cheese grater. However, after giving it a try, it actually worked really well and the handle made usage comfortable and easy. I prefer using the file dry , but you will have to cleanse or put on lotion afterwards. It is fantastic on calluses and really files down that hardened skin. It is easy to clean and it has a looped rope through the handle for easy storage/hanging. Even though I expected a smaller framed file, this one has proven to me that looks can be deceiving, and don't judge a book by its cover. Go slow and take it easy and this file will be a great help for those stubborn rough, dry, bothersome foot /skin problems. Oh yeah, and make sure everyone in the house knows what this is used for, because you wouldn't want it to be confused with a cheese grater. I'm just saying!!!!

Corinne Putnick

The Pumice Valley brand is a symbol of a healthy lifestyle and self-respect, as well as respect for the environment

Foot Rasp Callus Remover - Pedicure Scrubber for Cracked Feet Mixed Grained

$12.99 $9.99

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