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Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone Black Set 2 pcs

19.94 14.97

100% natural black pumice stones are formed from cool lava gathered from mineral rich volcanic sources

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  • Material:Volcanic Stone
  • Color:Black
  • Item Dimensions:3.54 x 2.36 x 1.57 inches

Natural Black Pumice Stone

High quality natural stone of volcanic origin, has a natural black color

Healing Properties

Contains trace elements - Massages and stimulates blood flow - Relieves fatigue, promotes relaxation - Ideal callus remover - Remove dead skin for healthy feet - With daily use, your skin will become baby smooth - Soft, silky skin like after SPA treatments

Perfect Shape and Size

Easy and comfortable to hold in your hand - Natural hang rope that holds its shape well after getting wet

The Gift of Health

Pumic stone is the perfect gift for your loved ones. It is the most natural method of softening rough skin. Treat your friends and family to the gift of youthful, healthy skin

How to Use a Pumice Scrubber Stone :

  1. Soak your feet or other areas of callused skin in warm water, optionally adding sea salt or 1-2 drops of Lavender or Jasmine essential oil. Better to use in a shower/bath or after showering.
  2. Gently rub your feet, heels, or palms with the foot pumice in a circular motion.
  3. Rinse your feet or another body part with cool water and wash the scrubber.
  4. Apply a soothing lotion or cream for the best result.

How to Care for a Pumice Scrubber Stone:

  • After use, thoroughly rinse the pumice stone with soap and water (especially natural ones)
  • Allow it to dry to avoid bacterial growth
  • Replace your foot pumice stone if it’s showing signs of wear and tear


  • For hygienic purposes, do not share previously used pumice stones with others
  • Do not use on delicate, inflamed skin, or open wounds
  • It is optimal to conduct a pedicure at home 3-4 times a month

Finally a pumice stone that works!

Very abrasive, just what I needed. Most pumice stones found in stores hardly makes a difference, this one got the calluses I’ve been battling for years in just a couple minutes. Thank you for your quality product!

Angelica A Driscoll

Worth your money

Perfect little stone, I've had it for about a week and only used it the past couple days while I was away on business. I wear Boots 9 hours a day at least, specifically my right foot dries up and cracks a lot. Utilizing this stone with water, feels like I have a new foot without scratching at it with my other foot. Highly recommend, hope it works out as good for you as it does for me!


Love it!

I absolutely love this! This works great with my weekly pedicures. I used to use a foot file until I did the research and realized that they only make the dead skin worse on your feet, and that pumice stone is the better option. I definitely see and feel the difference! 10/10 would recommend.

Kiara Doucette

The Pumice Valley brand is a symbol of a healthy lifestyle and self-respect, as well as respect for the environment

Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone Black Set 2 pcs

19.94 14.97

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